Toxic Masculinity

Until I was about four or five I didn’t know I wasn’t a girl.
Dolls are for girls. Give that back to your sister.
I was yelled at for going to the girls bathroom. I cried.
Boys don’t cry. Men don’t cry. Figure it out.
At the age of nine, I refused to have my hair cut.
Take longer steps; Stand up straight; Shoulders back.
School was extremely difficult. I got bullied a lot.
Damn long-haired queer, queer-bait, skinny queer-face.
I was picked on for being too thin, for being feminine.
Grow a set, fag. I bet you want to suck it.
The hormones and the transition were physically hard.
Ha, look at you. You’re an ugly girl.
I just wish the doctors could remove these voices in my head.
An ugly girl who can’t even write a good poem.

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