The Best Poem Ever Written

In the best poem ever writ
by me or anyone besides
the first sweet couplet brings
tear drops to sooth dry eyes
awed by the awesome alliteration
folks forward it to Facebook friends
they’ll all agree with little hearts
loving the best poem ever seen
gone viral as an online meme.

The words become an urban myth
the rhymes put greeting cards to shame
preteen girls write it in passed notes
politicians stump with misapplied quotes
to introduce fund-raising URLs
it’s on resisters’ protest signs
bumper stickers and billboard heights
anthologies begin and end with it
rap artists trade their bling for rights.

The best poem cuts through fake news
like an ever-sharp QVC butcher knife
after reading it together, divorcing celebrities unite
reciting it out loud can change an unhappy life
college professors write theses and more
relating it to every poem gone before
it is the best poem ever writ
and I must admit, this isn’t it.

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