Orcas ISland

Ode to Orcas Island Sisters

They’ve hiked a long way from a fashion model’s runway stride.
These women in their knit hats, leggings, cotton dress,
mud boots to visit the flip bags at low tide
in Judd Cove. They climb Mount Constitution,
up and down with new baby on their backs, no less.
Hearts full of love, so full it does not hide;
Everyone they see, they smile and bless.
They own the bookstore, gift shop, hotel, rent kayaks bay-side.
Local lambs they call by name as they gently pick field greens;
Dressed to perfection with fresh salmon on the side.
They are living their simple organic paradisiacal dreams.
The amazing women of Orcas Island will abide;
These ladies are. I hereby profess,
Strong examples of being happy with less.

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