Jessi Combs’ Final Ride

Young Jessi’d get fire in her eyes
lean over the handlebars of her Schwinn flyer
and pedal fast down the steep hills
of Rapid City South Dakota.

Young Jessi’d encourage other women
to go for it, bust the myths that held them down
Overhaul the system like a broken race car
And wear “The Fastest Woman on Four Wheels” crown.

Young Jessi sat in The North American Eagle Challenger,
a jet fighter on wheels because 486 wasn’t fast enough.
She had everything to lose; family, friends, fans,
Her life to break her own record and reprove her stuff.

Young Jessi went 600 across the Alvord Dry Lake.
When she couldn’t stop and left the safe smooth dust.
Did the “Fastest Woman on Four Wheels” realize
That her immortality would be the last myth she would bust?

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