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Phileo and us

PhileoThe last chapter of Hebrews was probably penned by St. Paul. He did that a lot; dictated or delegated the body then added a personal exhortation and benediction at the end. If you were handed a letter by Mark Twain and another by William Faulkner, you would not need the title pages to know who wrote which. But Hebrews 13 is different. Continue reading

New Age

Götterdämmerung Act 3A lot of opera happens before the final scene in Act 3 of Götterdämmerung, Richard Wagner’s Opera that unties the complex knotted themes and ideas in his Ring Cycle.

The powerful female lead is Brünnhilde (Burning Hella). She’s based on the Norse mythology that gave us Beauty (Bella) in Beauty and the Beast, is Peter Pan’s Tinkerbelle friend, Cinder-Hella reduced to cleaning ashes and hoping to get the attention of Prince Mankind, and her soul-recycling volcano fire gave us the Medieval Catholic concept of “Hell.”

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All Scripture

Bible 1As writing was invented, ancient Jews saved, copied, revered, and memorized certain scrolls. They were, naturally, not called the “Old Testament” by the people who wrote, saved, copied, revered and studied them. That label is one that Christians gave those scrolls. Yet, Christians have a letter from Paul telling Timothy that All Scriptures are God-breathed. That letter was not part of “All Scripture” itself. So…

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The Logos

AristotleThis Greek word is pronounced “logos.”  It’s often translated as “word.” It came into the Greek language about the time of Jesus and thereafter was used by the early Christian Church in various ways. We need to ponder those ways before digging into Hebrews.

The Sophists used Logos to mean a discussion or discourse. Aristotle expanded that to mean “a well reasoned argument” in rhetoric.


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Hebrew Synagogue or Christian Church?

The Hebrews in Rome will be blamed

Rome burns

July 18th 64 CE a fire started in Rome. It spread quickly in the summer wind. By the time it was out, most of the city was destroyed and a lot of people were killed or injured. It was one of history’s major city-fire tragedies. They controlled it at first by the total demolition of buildings creating fire breaks. But it started again in an infamous district of brothels, witnesses reported it was deliberately set in those places. Urban renewal? Pyromancy?


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