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It is folly to name the stars,
recording size, color, coordinates
as watchers do bird sightings in Spring.
See yourself from the birds’ point of view.
Map your location relative to the Big Bang.
May a flock of unnamed spiraling spirits
spin around your inner core,
remove the blinders from your eyes,
turn it all into sweet medicine,
then release you to soar.


The strengthening sunlight surrounded
the mist-dampened patio furniture
squeezing steam into the morning atmosphere
hoping to see the dying fog revived.
One brave thrush danced the two-foot hop on the wet lawn
eyeing fat orange grubs willing to give up
a future as a beetle for one as orange pigment
on a beautiful bird flying high into the dawn.
The black water pot now red refracted
hot water for coffee from Canada, left-over 
from a visiting friend, a memory extracted
by coarse ground conical pour-over.
Morning. It’s another day on planet Earth
Recycling the eternal atoms of Universal birth.