Monthly Archives: January 2020

Just When

Just when I thought the game was won
Just when the bills were paid
Just when I thought I’d found my mate
Just when I had it made
Just when the kids were on their own
Just when I got good wheels
Just when I invested in a home
Just when I trusted the nightly news
Just when it was safe to browse the ‘net
Just when we were over racial hate
Just when I finally had the time
Just when I managed to save a dime
Life happens no matter what
And just when I understood that


It goes without saying
ironically introduces the saying’s contents
manipulating the ear of the hearer
the eye of the reader
to take the side of the saying
In the internal struggle for truth
It didn’t have to be said or need to be read.
but now, somewhat unjustly, it’s been
forced, for some reason, into being.
Like you and I, without our prior consents.
Of course … is another one, obviously.
And obviously is … of course.
Obviously, it goes without saying,
this is a poem, ladies and gents.