Monthly Archives: November 2019

Unexpected Silence

The drone of a small single engine fixed-wing
general aviation plane drew my attention upward
from my summer deck chair.
Then it stopped.
I panicked.
It drifted on in silent gliding
banking right descending into the valley.
There is a dirt landing strip down there
along the river, with a hangar and wind sock.
Miraculously the engine restarted.
It droned north low along the river.
That summer, and every summer since
this near-mishap repeats itself daily,
sometimes twice.
A test to certify pilots in trainers with kill-switch instructors;
My house must be their marker.
I watch now with new eyes this beautiful silent glide path
on the J-curve descent into proficiency.


She sat quietly for a decade, facing a particular window.
The assistants and nurses never noticed she faced west.
I sat on the hill above the care center with my old shepherd.
Life only allots us so many sunsets. I want to see every one.
My dog’s life only allotted him so many chances to sit beside me.
The summer eve prairie clouds caught the glow above the horizon
When I buried him below diffuse orange-pink light. It was amazing .
Mom passed two days before the following Christmas
Under a blazing Arizona sky.
The whole sky blazing.


The strengthening sunlight surrounded
the mist-dampened patio furniture
squeezing steam into the morning atmosphere
hoping to see the dying fog revived.
One brave thrush danced the two-foot hop on the wet lawn
eyeing fat orange grubs willing to give up
a future as a beetle for one as orange pigment
on a beautiful bird flying high into the dawn.
The black water pot now red refracted
hot water for coffee from Canada, left-over 
from a visiting friend, a memory extracted
by coarse ground conical pour-over.
Morning. It’s another day on planet Earth
Recycling the eternal atoms of Universal birth.