Monthly Archives: October 2018

Fluttering Beauty

Seven years ago I was road-tripping with my dog, Rocky. We were following the Monarch Butterfly migration in my Jeep. Sometimes man-made roads take the same route the Monarchs take in the multi-generational migration. Sometimes the migranting beauty follows waterways and routes with only trails. Driving one of their routes took us through places we’d never seen and would never have seen. We met people we’d never met and would have never met.

TheĀ Monarchs were dense in the air around us and on the plants we passed, more than you can imagine. It was a fantasy world of movement and color. But there was no one to share it with. As wonderful as it sounds… well and was… my life is better now. Next time I want to do something “crazy” like drive a Jeep on one of the migration routes while the butterflies are heading home and get the feeling of that land, those creeks, those flowers, that sky, that air, and all those butterflies… yes. If we can do it, we will. To echo an old adage: shared beauty is doubled, shared boredom is halved.

I chose not to post the picture of my hand and a Monarch seemingly perched on my index finger. It was a lie. I didn’t want to disturb them. But I noticed a dead one on the side of a dirt road. It looked undamaged. So I posed that shot. I did see a live one land on a little girl’s head in Iraan, Texas. But I did not have time to get permission to take a picture, even to get my cell phone to switch into Camera App. So that one, well, the sense of that ugly town and the ugly situation of the people living and growing up there, contrasted to the Monarchs who invade there twice a year… will remain a memory.

Have a beautiful day with beauty fluttering over you and around you and gently landing on you.