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The Case of the Missing Shampoo

Sherlock-holmes-and-magnifying-glassWe stayed at a comfortable place in Leavenworth yesterday. It’s over a bookstore called A Book For All Seasons at the Innsbrucker Inn. Each room has a unique literary or local theme. Leavenworth is an alpine village with Swiss-inspired architecture, local wineries, chocolatiers and German food.  The rooms are dedicated to Chocolate, Wine, The Secret Garden, Shakespeare, Patrick McManus and our room, of course, the Sherlock Holmes room. The log book in the room was filled with stories written by previous guests. Here’s mine,  inspired by my missing shampoo.
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What is the Church?

11391119_10207019466588471_8667164426957682070_nI am ready to define “Church” as a target for reform.

I know many people believe “We are the Church” and talk about the whole Body of Believers, the Communion of Saints (that transcends time) and hear the call for each of us, individually and corporately, to become an anointing to the world around us. Those ideas warm my heart and sound very “right” to me.

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Ecclesia semper reformanda est

ML95The German theologian, Karl Barth, first declared “the church is always to be reformed” in 1947, but the idea goes back to the great Reformers; The Wesleys in the middle 1700s… Luther and others in the 1500s following the availability of printed Bibles. I, too, believe the Church needs to be constantly reforming itself back to First Principles and constantly adjusting itself to the dynamic world. Semper Reformanda Est.

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Random Causes

11407116_10206986064073429_2789644011656026944_n“Hail the size of grapefruit, heavy rainfall, and multiple tornadoes caused damage and flooding across …”

Weather news is always followed by clear examples of the human need to pretend we know cause-and-effect. Some decry Global Climate Disruption. Some preach a modern version of Ba’al who punishes nations with storms if they don’t conform to ancient moral standards. Some point a distrusting finger at Government, the military, or blame the greedy for paving Paradise to put up a parking lot.


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Are there homosexuals in the Kingdom?

hqdefaultIt’s a charismatic church that seldom discusses policies or doctrines. The emphasis is the Kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven. They seek more. Worship is authentic and heart-felt. The community is warmer than most in the PNW. Calls to faith and repentance are left to the work of God’s Spirit, changing lives touched by Love.

Sounds perfect, you say?

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