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Meeting Jesus in the Bible

bible-studyI was invited to a Bible Study here at the 55-and-older complex. I’ve been three times now. It’s not a Bible Study. It’s a local Baptist Church’s evangelism outreach to the old folks. In fairness, this church doesn’t use the word “Baptist” anymore. The “study” is in a small paper-backed study guide (published by the Baptists).
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Sharing knows no creed

decapolismapJesus feeds 5000 families (John/Luke).

Also known as the “miracle of the five loaves and two fish.” When Jesus heard that John the Baptist had been killed, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place near Bethsaida. The crowds came to Jesus on foot from the towns. As evening approached, the disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food.”

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New Pledge of Allegiance?

Some politics were discussed at the social gathering last night, some disgusts with our politics were expressed, too. Everyone acts as if the US Government is far more important and powerful than I observe it to be. Multinational Corporations have become the new mega-power. They have a huge influence on governments at all levels and everywhere in the world. The US taxpayer funds a military force to primarily defend corporate resources and trade routes, oil wells and pipelines, water and mineral rights. National economic policies are distorted to provide a workforce willing to accept low wages and poor working conditions. The need to deal with various laws and governments is a huge and expensive nuisance, thus these international Trade Partnerships basically rewrite national laws and provide a new one-world court system.

I didn’t bring any of that up last night. I had my hands full with good people over-influenced by Fox News. No, President Obama is not coming to take our guns nor destroy the US Constitution. He’s not to blame for ruining the middle class either.

The far right has warned about a New World Order for some time and I certainly see things evolving in that direction, too. Our political process is theater to distract us from the inexorable roll of corporatism like a giant steam roller over national identities and freedoms.

I hope a world run by major corporations will be better than we all fear. Maybe there will be less war. Maybe the manipulated “news” will inspire happiness and pride instead of fear and distrust. Maybe Americans will get used to lower consumption, more expensive water and Chinese stir-fried Peruvian Lomo Saltado made with Australian beef over Japanese rice.

Share Everything

I have a Facebook Friend named Rasha Foda. She has a blog site called Share Everything. Her vision for a better world is one where people simply share. At first I thought it was about “sharing” information as a way to get around the censorship in the corporate media (which is significant). Her vision goes beyond that.

I’m in a Facebook Group called Buy Nothing (Redmond) which has been divided into three areas due to popularity. I think the whole Buy Nothing movement is growing. You can read about it at The Buy Nothing Project:

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What’s in a name – Part 2

yhwhMoses didn’t make it to the Promised Land and his ideas didn’t work after Joshua conquered the place. Judges were needed and kings were demanded. Israel understood YHWH as their God, one of many in the world. Some people covered their bases and also joined neighbors and families to call for Ba’al to come in the Spring with his rains or attended parties to Astarte or El or others.

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What’s in a name?

yhwhRead these marks right-to-left. They are consonants from early Hebrew. They didn’t write down vowel sounds, not even the later invention of “points.”  These consonants might sound like Yahweh or Jehovah or Yehova. Jews were and are forbidden to say it aloud. We’re told that is out of respect.

History doesn’t support that theory, nor does the often stated translation as “I Am.”
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Slay the Python

Ancient Greek VaseA mean red dragon is waiting to eat the new-born child of a woman wearing sunshine. The dragon’s tail sweeps stars from heaven. She sprouts eagle’s wings and flies to the safe place God made as he snatches her son away from danger. Foiled again, the dragon’s offspring will seek revenge on her offspring. Who is she, he, their offspring and what’s this have to do with the Archangel Michael, the seven churches or the island of Patmos? Continue reading

Phileo and us

PhileoThe last chapter of Hebrews was probably penned by St. Paul. He did that a lot; dictated or delegated the body then added a personal exhortation and benediction at the end. If you were handed a letter by Mark Twain and another by William Faulkner, you would not need the title pages to know who wrote which. But Hebrews 13 is different. Continue reading

Fours and Sevens

Sebastian Giacobino's Horseman of 4 SeasonsJohn the Divine introduced his Apocryphal letter to Christian communes in what is now Western Turkey. Each of those communes had misplaced priorities. Most commerce took place in the name of a god or goddess. The society around them was full of free women who believed in free love. It was difficult to be a good Jew, let alone a recent convert to a Jewish sect called “The Way.” But there are bigger issues to address, timeless, universal issues; conquest, war, oppression, fair wages, ecological destruction, hunger and disease. Sound like today’s News?

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Visualizing the unseen

Throne of GodAfter describing seven Christian communes in various stages of embracing pagan worship and practices, John the Revelator shares his vision starting with a glimpse into the Temple in heaven. Theologians have invented amazing interpretations of every detail of his vision. I have my theories about this book, too. It impacts world events and can change how we hear Jesus. I think it’s important to revisit The Revelation of John the Divine.

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