New Pledge of Allegiance?

Some politics were discussed at the social gathering last night, some disgusts with our politics were expressed, too. Everyone acts as if the US Government is far more important and powerful than I observe it to be. Multinational Corporations have become the new mega-power. They have a huge influence on governments at all levels and everywhere in the world. The US taxpayer funds a military force to primarily defend corporate resources and trade routes, oil wells and pipelines, water and mineral rights. National economic policies are distorted to provide a workforce willing to accept low wages and poor working conditions. The need to deal with various laws and governments is a huge and expensive nuisance, thus these international Trade Partnerships basically rewrite national laws and provide a new one-world court system.

I didn’t bring any of that up last night. I had my hands full with good people over-influenced by Fox News. No, President Obama is not coming to take our guns nor destroy the US Constitution. He’s not to blame for ruining the middle class either.

The far right has warned about a New World Order for some time and I certainly see things evolving in that direction, too. Our political process is theater to distract us from the inexorable roll of corporatism like a giant steam roller over national identities and freedoms.

I hope a world run by major corporations will be better than we all fear. Maybe there will be less war. Maybe the manipulated “news” will inspire happiness and pride instead of fear and distrust. Maybe Americans will get used to lower consumption, more expensive water and Chinese stir-fried Peruvian Lomo Saltado made with Australian beef over Japanese rice.

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